The Irrelevant Investor

More Money Than God by Sebastian Mallaby is one of the most entertaining finance books I’ve ever read. It’s like the Market Wizards series, only in story form. I found myself scribbling notes all over the place and wanted to share a few pieces that I found particularly interesting, emphasis mine.


  • «A story in the Atlantic Monthly at the time was headlined “The 1929 Parallel,” and the Wall Street Journal ran a piece on the morning of Black Monday superimposing a graph of the market’s recent decline on a graph of the market of the 1920s.»
  • «In late June of that year, Jones got himself convinced that the trend was downward. The S&P 500 index had jumped sharply in April and kept rising in May, but Jones thought this was a sucker’s rally. The United States was in the grip of the greatest credit bubble of all time, and…

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